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14th January 1924

Tonight will be the night. We wait until three o’clock before we make the attempt. Over the last few days we have discussed and rejected any number of plans, some more fanciful then other. The one we are left with is perhaps a little basic but may be that is for the best, hopefully there […]

9th January 1924

Dr. Ewers wasn’t quite as lucky as Prof. Deveraux in his night’s work. He watched the two “rearâ€� exits, one from the kitchen and the second opening onto a corridor that runs to the club house’s lounge, until about half past two in the morning. At this point a passing police car forced him leave […]

8th January 1924

Prof. Deveraux has done an excellent job. He now estimates that there are half-a-dozen members of staff. More importantly he tells us that most of the members of The Order left the establishment at about 11 o’clock. By half past eleven there was only himself and four other patrons in the club house and one […]

7th January 1924 (cont.)

We have decided that it is time we turned our full attention on The Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight. We have agreed that we have taken the matter as far as we can through pure research and will have to investigate the club house directly. Since it seems unlikely that they would let us […]

7th January 1924 (early hours)

The grim deed is done. We rented a motorcar and drove back to Trimountaine Close. Under cover of darkness we removed Detective Bethel’s body and drove out of town and into the woods. There we dug our poor friend a grave and committed his mortal remains into the ground. In case the body is found […]

6th January 1924

6th January 1924
The Horror of Trimountaine Close has been unearthed and destroyed but at a heavy price.
It is close to midnight now as I write this. It is painful to write, and not just because of my injury, however I think…I hope it will help to put the days events in writing.
We got back to […]

29th December 1923 (evening)

We have returned from the abandoned house. I’ve never put much stock in the idea of a haunted house before, even after our trip to New Orleans, but it cannot be denied that there is a malicious force permeating every rotten brick of 18 Trimountaine Close.
I shall start at the beginning. From the library we […]