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2nd March 1924

This afternoon we departed from New York aboard the steamer Ceres. Our destination is Scotland which, if we have good weather, we will reach in six days. The imagery of The Catechism still occasionally enters my dreams and I find myself apprehensive as to what we are heading into but for the sake of everything […]

1st March 1924

We are on a train bound for New York.

28th February 1924

Making hurried arrangements at work and packing for Scotland. I understand it gets quite cold there at this time of year. Have looked to see if either Mr. Henry Hancock or Dr. Adam Chism are published in their field. Found nothing.Prof. Deveaux has made arrangements to bring The Star-stone with him.

27th February 1924

I have just paid a quick trip to the library of the Miskatonic University. Prof. Deveaux called me at The Advertiser asking if I could do some research into the mystical beliefs of the Easter Island natives. Couldn’t find much. Must have a word with the professor when we all meet this evening about me […]

25th February 1924

I have finished The Catechism of the Knights of the Outer Void. What a hateful, hateful work. Every page, every verse seems to drip with madness and perversion. It is all I can do not to throw it into a fire and try to blot its poisonous ideology from my mind. The Knights of the […]

Extracts, late January and February 1924

It is good to be back in Arkham. Dr.Ewers has remained behind in Boston with Prof. Deveraux, who is too badly injured to be moves at this time. They are staying with Dr. Ewers friend Dr. Call while Prof. Deveraux begins his recovery. Hopefully by the time they return Prof. Davies will have made some […]