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10th March 1924

We started today rather later then I would of liked. I guess the rigours of travelling, not to mention a filling meal and some local whisky, had caught up with us.It was noon before the Professors and myself arrived at the library. Lizzie was indeed a great boon: intelligent and helpful. She informed us that […]

9th March 1924

In the early hours of this morning I was awoken by the train coming to a stop. Glancing out of the window I saw we had pulled in to a station. This, I gathered, was Perth and we remained in the station until daybreak before continuing our journey.Throughout the morning we continued through the famous […]

8th March 1924

We arrived in Glasgow Port today. Despite travelling first-class, thanks to our employer’s generosity, I am glad that this leg of our journey is over.It was raining, which I gather is a common occurrence in this country, but luckily it was only a quick walk from the port to the train station. There we would […]