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12th March 1924

I didn’t sleep too well last night due to the storm. I headed down for breakfast to find Prof. Deveraux already downstairs, reading one of the books he took from Mr. Hancock’s library. The rest of our colleges soon joined us.There seem to be two other guest staying at The King’s Head. One is a […]

11th March 1924 (cont.)

For a moment I was frozen with shock then, recognising the voice that had produced the scream as that of Dr. Ewers, I grabbed a poker from the fireplace (to use as a make-shift weapon) and dashed for the stairs. Prof. Deveraux was in front of me and Mr. Snydder-Scott in front of him. I […]

11th March 1924

Awoke to a grey, wet and cold morning in Inverness. While the car Dr. Ewers had rented was large there was not room in the trunk for both our luggage and the provisions we had purchased so we had had to strap quite a bit to the roof.Our journey to Cannick took us first west […]