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15th March 1924 (cont.)

Prof. Davies was quick to appreciate the scope of his and Prof. Deveraux’s blunder. He suggested that, if he was left at once, he might be able to catch up with Mr. McLaren and speak to him again. Mr. Snydder-Scott volunteered to drive him and the two dashed out of the inn. A few moments […]

15th March 1924

Wild weather last night. The heavy clouds that had been hanging over us all of yesterday finally broke to unleash a fierce storm. Sheets of lightning illuminated that night and tremendous peels of thunder echoes across the hills and valleys. Perhaps it was my imagination but at times I thought I could hear voices carried […]

14th March 1924 (cont.)

As I re-entered The King’s Head I found Constable Sweeney waiting for me. He was none to pleased with my having given him the slip earlier but, by playing the innocent, I was able to smooth his ruffled feathers.I relaxed for a short while and then, with Constable Gregor-Sweeney in tow, headed off to pay […]

14th March 1924

Today has certainly had its share of interesting developments. I was still interested to learn what, if anything, Dr. Ewers had learnt from Angus but as ever it was hard to find any privacy in The Kings Head. My companions and I discussed heading back to the dig-site only to be told by Constable Sweeney […]

13th March 1924 (cont.)

As we waited for Insp. MacDougall to arrive I began to worry if we had left any tell-tale signs that we had tampered with the evidence. My biggest concern was if the police found the iron chest that had once contained the fragment. My colleges had handled it when they had carried the chest first […]

13th March 1924

I hope that you will excuse me if my handwriting is little shaky, today has been both a very trying and very painful.Let me start at the beginning. I awoke to a rainless day, I think the first since we arrived in Scotland. It was quickly agreed that we would meet in Dr. Ewers’s room […]