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20th March 1924

Today my colleagues and I, along with Constable McNeil and Detective Hayes, returned to the MacBain’s cottage and the stone circle. Before getting on with our main purpose we checked over the cottage one more time. We gathered up the occult texts we had left behind during our previous visit. We also made a new […]

19th March 1924

A discrete funeral has been held today for the MacRae child. Mr. MacRae is starting to show signs of coming to his senses but I doubt either he or his wife will ever fully recover from the tragedy.After the simple service I spoke to Father McBride about the possibility of him performing an exorcism in […]

18th March 1924

It is late in the evening as I write this account but it is the first time that I have had a chance to maker of an account of the terrible and tragic events of the raid.We waited in the dark and the cold for hours. There was constant noise, the ceaseless swaying of the […]

17th March 1924 (cont.)

To add to the authenticity of my performance I decided to stay in my room until it was finally time for us to leave The King’s Head.My colleagues latter told me that, upon returning to the bar, Constable McNeil informed them, and the clearly curious Fergus, that I was exhausted after my hysterical display and […]

17th March 1924

There has been a development during the night. In the early hours of the morning something woke me up. The wind was still blowing hard outside of the inn, as it had been the evening before. From somewhere l could hear a intermit rant tapping noise but I was certain it was tree branch being […]

16th March 1924

The morning passed without incident and the afternoon found us at the Hancock House awaiting the members of our council of war. The first to arrive was Mr. Hayes. He was clearly excited and was barely across the threshold when he announced that there was going to be a meeting of The Coven tomorrow night […]