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8th April 1924 (continued)

April 8th 1924 (continued)
We arrived in New York at about noon. The docking of the Ceres was greeted by cheers and ticker-tape. The dock was crowed as disembarking passengers meet up with friends and family as well as dockworkers beginning to unload cargo. Paperboys ran to and fro calling out the days headlines. As we […]

8th April 1924 (morning)

It is the last day of our voyage and things have taken an unusual turn. Dr. Ewers was awoken before dawn by one of the ship’s stewards in the night and informed that Prof. Davis was up on deck in some sort of trance. Dr. Ewers found our college, surrounded at a discreet distance by […]

3rd April 1924

We have finally made it out of Scotland. Things took a bad stumble at the last hurdle and it looked touch-and-go whether we would spend the evening on the Ceres or in a prison cell. If you asks anyone in Boston who was the most up-right, respectable man in the city I am sure most […]

22nd March to 2nd April 1924 (extracts)

We have sent a telegram to Mr Hancock asking for assistance in transporting the disk out of England.Prof. Davies is making use of the time to make a prelim study of the disk. He his reluctant to put the three parts together, though what he fears might happen I have no idea. Instead he has […]

21st March 1924

We have arrived back in Inverness. The drive back was not pleasant and the wounds I received during our recent investigations are aching. We have spent the afternoon endlessly debating what to do with the three parts of the disk. We have reached the consensus that simply trying to destroy it (which I expect will […]