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24th April 1924 (morning)

Mr. Winwood has laid out what he expects from us. He wants us to spend about a
week in Hollywood doing background research and then head out to Devil’s Canyon
(which is apparently only half a days drive away). In a fortnight he wants us
to give him a verbal report covering what we believed happen at the […]

23rd April 1924

We arrived at the Glendale Terminus today. LA seems very flat, although there
are suggesting of forested hills in the distance. The air is very dry which I
find odd considering the relative closeness to the ocean.
We were met by two men in chauffeurs uniforms, employees of Mr. Winwood, who
drove us to see our benefactor.
Mr Winwood lives […]

14th April to 22nd April (extracts)

After only four days in Arkham we are back on our travels again. The weather
was mild as our train departed on the first leg of our journey, to Boston.
There we caught a connecting train to Buffalo. Before the day was out were
passing through an ancient, and mysterious landscape with forest and even the
odd standing stone.
Dr. […]

13th April 1924

I have been keeping myself occupied preparing for our journey to Hollywood. The
journey should take about ten days, more time then it took the Ceres to cross
the Atlantic.
I have been gathering together the things that I think I will need. After some
debate with my colleges it has been decided that we will bring along the […]

12th April 1924 (continued)

12th April 1924 (continued)
I have successfully test-fired the Death Ray, using it to kill a chicken I
purchased from a local farmer. It is the first time I have held the device for
any length of time and it is just as unnerving to hold as it is to look at; a
strange, unnatural mixture or crystalline hardness […]

12th April 1924

An excellent development; Prof. Deveraux has received an answering telegram from Mr. Winward. He seems eager to learn more about the professor’s offer to look into the events at Devil‘s Canyon.

11th April 1924

It is so good to be back in Arkham. New York may have had glamour and the wilds of Scotland a haunted beauty but there really is no place like home. We caught the connecting train in Boston at 10 o’clock this morning and finally arrived back in Arkham at noon. Since he does not […]

10th April 1924

We left New York for Boston aboard the late train.
This morning I posted my article to The New York times first thing and then made for The New York Library to do some digging into the background of von Varnstien. He was born in Berlin but moved to America in the 1860s where he became […]

9th April 1924

Over breakfast this morning I showed Dr. Ewers and the two professors the first draft of The Hancock Report. I have omitted any direct reference to any supernatural occurrences. Jack was the last to arrive for breakfast looking tired but more then a little pleased with himself. It seems that while the rest of us […]

8th April 1924 (continued)

Since there was a couple of hours before our rendezvous with the doorman so we found ourselves a bar (non-alcoholic of course) near-by and waited.When the time was right Jack and I headed around to the side entrance of the Chelsea Apartments. I would have liked for more of us to come, especially after hearing […]