30th April 1924 (early hours)

At last the sun seems to be rising. It has been a long night and I do not think that I have slept a wink. I was having a hard time sleeping due the constant howling of the wind about the canyon. It drones on and on without reprieve. I’m not sure when I noticed the noises being carried on the wind. It first I thought it was my over-tired mind playing tricks on me but slowly it began to dawn on me that there was indeed a separate noise, distinct and of itself, mixed in wit the howling. Exactly what the noise was I still cannot say. At first it seemed to have an animalistic quality to it; like the noises you get in the big-cat enclosure or bear pits in a zoo. I remembered the news article that Prof. Deveraux had unearthed about the man-killing mountain lion and this prompted me to make sure that my .45 was loaded and that it, and a torch, were near to hand.

As I was doing so there was a gentle knock on the door, it was Prof. Deveraux. Apparently he, Prof. Davis, Dr. Ewers and Mr. Anderson had all been woken by the noise and Prof. Deveraux wanted to make sure I was alright. The idea that there might be a wild animal, or worse, prowling about outside was not a comforting one but things soon took a more sinister turn as the nature of the noise seemed to change and it became more like a ritualistic chanting. This prompted us to take action. Since we could not lock the door we made a make- shift barricade in front of them as well as the windows.

The nocturnal hours seemed to drag on and on with a disturbing sense that we were under siege by some unseen enemy; man, beast or neither we could not tell.

Only in the last few minutes, as the first rays of the sun have begun to illuminate the Canyon has the noise stopped.


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