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Saturday 6th January 1923

It is just surprise after surprise at the moment!
My chums and I met back at The VC to determine what we should do with all the information we learnt yesterday; should we just head off to Paris looking for the Sedefkar Simulcrum or try to do a little digging about here in London first?
Overnight […]

Friday 5th January 1923

Dearest Diary, what a day I have had today. I hardly know where to begin. It started this morning, while we were all at The VC. We were discussing the front page story in The Times; three Turkish men had been found murdered in The Chelsea Arms Hotel overnight and all three of them had […]

Wednesday 3rd January 1923

What a lovely evening, I am so proud of Uncle Julius.
I have just returned from the Challenger Trust Banquet Lecture which was held at the Imperial Institute. There must have been about two hundred people in attendance. It was black tie or dress uniform for the boys and elegant gowns for us girls.
Antonio […]

Monday 1st January 1923

Antonio has brought me this darling diary for Christmas and so I have made it my New Year’s Resolution to keep a day-to-day journal of my life. Of course there are some aspects of my life that I dare not disclose, even in my own journal, but I will speak freely about the rest.
This evening […]