Wednesday 3rd January 1923

What a lovely evening, I am so proud of Uncle Julius.

I have just returned from the Challenger Trust Banquet Lecture which was held at the Imperial Institute. There must have been about two hundred people in attendance. It was black tie or dress uniform for the boys and elegant gowns for us girls.

Antonio looked splendid in the tuxedo that I rented for him. Honestly, does he only have one suit!

Detective Meads wore his medals. He must have been very brave during the war.

Uncle Julius’s lecture was supposed to be a big surprise so naturally I had got the secret out of him a few days ago. First he told the assembled worthies about all the types of cunning tricks that mediums and the like use to pull the wool over people’s eyes. Then he told us of the, even more cunning, ways he had exposed their little tricks. He was so funny. But then he told us about certain categories of ghostly goings on that he had been unable to explain away; poltergeists, teleportation and hauntings. Uncle Julius showed us photographic images and moving pictures of three hauntings in progress; a fishing boat, a rather unattractive woman and a horse and cab. The thrust of his lecture is that the hauntings were all of Something, that this Something had then disappeared and that the Something briefly reappears from time to time.

Uncle Julius thinks that the Something (whether it is a ship, frumpy lady or horse) slips off to some strange place outside of the world we know and every now and again tries to slip back. And if we understood how all this slipping takes place we could use it to jump from place to place in the blink of an eye.

To be honest it all made my head spin. I must get Antonio to explain it for me later.

After the lecture, which everyone thought was jolly clever, there was more drinks and rubbing of elbows. Something odd did happen then, we spotted this man eye-balling Uncle Julius from across the room. A rather intense, swarthy skinned fellow with a beard. As soon as he noticed that we had spotted him the chap did his best to loose himself in the crowd. I think Detective Meads went after him, he is very protective of Uncle Julius, but he came back empty handed. Perhaps I should make some enquires of my own. Drat, I should have asked if anyone knew his name! I must have drunk more wine then I thought.


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