Monday 8th January 1923

More appalling developments.

It was so good to be back in London. The train crash is in all the papers but, unsurprisingly, some of the details have been glossed over. What the authorities’ make of the fact that one of the trains was supposed to have vanished decades ago I can hardly imagine.

Most of us are for heading off to Paris and beginning the quest for the Sedefkar Simulacrum but Darling Antonio wants us to stay in town for a few more days to continue his research at the British Museum. None of us expected the horrific discovery that he would make! However I seem to be getting ahead of myself…

We have anonymously dropped Mr Stanley at a hospital. While he is physically fine, barring a few bruises, I’m sorry to say that the whole experience has been something of a trial for the man and he has become worryingly withdrawn.

Detective M and Father O headed back to The VC to make sure that the trainset was packed away somewhere safe.

Since it seemed that we would be staying in London for a day or two I have decided to see if I can lure out any members of Children of the Blood Red Fez or the mysterious Mr Makryat by placing an advert in several papers that I have a copy of “The Whispering Fez” for sale. It is a bit of a longshot but it might pay-off.

Albert spent a fruitless day trying to see if he could find Richard Wentworth. 

Of course when we all met at The VC that evening we learnt that Antonio had discovered more then be bargained for. His researches of the Sedeffkar scroll had born fruit; in an account written just before The Great War Antonio had found mention that the scrolls were being kept at the Topkapi museum in Constantinople. As he had been doing his research, whoever, Antonio had spotted a strange individual, bundled up in coat and hat, who seemed to be asleep at one of the reading desks. As the day drew on the man didn’t seem to move until, suddenly, he had slipped from his chair and fallen to the floor Understandable intrigued Antonio had gone over to have a look. As he had approached Antonio had been puzzled by the stranger’s red countenance but, upon reaching the man, he discovered that the cause; the man’s skin had been removed! 

Of course as soon as Darling Antonio mentioned this I’m sure we all made a connection to the three dead Mr Makryats but there were more ghastly revelations to come. Doing his best to make sure he was not seen Antonio searched the person of the corpse and quickly found some identification. The body was non-other than that of Richard Wentworth! Antonio also found a ball of paper screwed up and inserted in the Wentworth’s mouth.

Understandably Darling Antonio had not lingered but returned to The VC straight away so he had not yet had time to inspect the ball of paper. With some trepidation he unfolded it and we saw the grizzly contends; a folded wad of skin with writing on it. We are fairly certain that it is in Turkish but none of us can read it so we will have to wait till tomorrow to work-out what it means.


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