Tuesday 9th January 1923

Before heading over to The VC I visited the book shops of Charing Cross Road and acquired a good Turkish dictionary. Even with its help it still took us a while to translate the grizzly message in to English. The message was short and to the point:

“The Skinless One will not be denied”

 What could it mean? My instincts say that it is a threat and it is meant for us. Poor Richard was murdered to prove a point and his corpse left where Darling Antonio would find it. Well, if they think that we are that easily frightened off then they are in for a nasty shock!  

Unsurprisingly The Reading Room is closed today but Darling Antonio is of the opinion that he has found all that there is to find.

Our attempts to look in to the death of Richard has turned up empty.

We have decided that there is nothing further to be done in London and we will have to head for Paris if we want to begin our task of collecting The Simulacrum. With that in mind we have spent the day getting together all the things that we think that we might need on the journey.

Since this whole affair began I have always had my pistol close at hand but I have also now purchased a lightweight hunting rifle to take with me on the trip. I am not the only one going armed as Detective M tells me that he will be packing his shotgun!

When we all met up for lunch Father O had a tale to tell that lightened the mood (at his expense)! It appeared that he had spent the previous evening attempted to play Cupid by taking Mr Stanley’s  former landlady with his to The London Train Enthusiast Association annual dinner with the intention of introducing him to Mr Butter. Initially everything had gone swimmingly, especially after Father O mentioned that he would soon be taking a trip on The Orient Express, but somehow it had all started to unravel. Can you believe it but Father O was actually told to leave! What a hoot!!


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