Thursday 25th January 1923 (Morning)

Dearest Diary, there was a bit of excitement during the night. Darling Antonio and I were roused from our sleep by shouts of “Morte! Morte!” from the canal path outside the hotel; a woman’s voice by the sound of it.

Hastily throwing on clothes we headed down to reception to find our friends, and a few other guest and staff, peering out in to the dark. The night was cold, the fog thicker than ever and no one seemed willing to venture out to see what was going on. No one but myself and Detective M that is. Outside it was very eerie. The combination of darkness and fog meant visibility was almost zero and my hastily donned clothing did little to combat the cold. I was certain that I could hear noises though coming from both the direction of the water’s edge and further inland. Our attempts to investigate proved fruitless and almost ended in disaster as Detective M took a tumble from a canal bridge. He only just managed to grab fold of a railing in time. Mystified and disappointed we returned to our rooms. 

This morning news is spreading my word of mouth of a murder overnight in Venice. Details are thin on the ground at the moment but hopeful we will know more before the day is out. Once we have finished breakfast Darling Antonio, Albert and myself are heading back to the library. Detective M is going to see if he can discover if anything was salvaged from the fire that claimed St. Mary’s. It has been decided that Father P could do with a day’s rest as the vents of the last few days seem to have been too much for him. Hopefully a quiet day of prey and contemplation (and no doubt partaking of the “holy spirit”) will restore his mental equilibrium.


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