About the Journal

The Mythos Journals are the accounts of our Call of Cthulhu adventures written from the view point of various intrepid investigators.

It is only fair that I mention that many of our adventures come from published scenarios and are therefore a Spoiler Risk for other CoC players.
While we started CoC several years ago we play a lot of different games on a Wednesday night so the tragic case of Mr. Whitelock is only our fifth. As such I would still class our Investigators as fairly inexperienced.

In our first adventure (‘The Edge of Darkness’ from the CoC Rules)the (soon to be) Occult Investigators visit the death bed of Prof. Meriweather and learn how his dabbling with supernatural forces of a young man had tragic results. The Investigators head for a secluded cottage where they must banish the unseen forces their friend had foolishly called up.

Our second case has been the longest to date and sees the Investigators clash with a mysterious figure from Meriweather’s past, the sinister Marian Allen. Margo is in particular danger as Allen clearly had unnatural designs on her. A copy of De Vermis Mysteriis features prominently in the case, changing hands several times. The case starts in Arkham and moves to Boston before ending in the backwaters of New Orleans

The third case takes place in New Orleans and sees the Investigators searching for a jazz musician with a trumpet that can raise the dead. It may sound amusing but the showdown in a New Orleans cemetery was anything but.

In our fourth case the Investigators travel to Innsmouth when Prof. Davies inherits a house there (The Crawford Inheritance from ‘Before the Fall’). Pretty soon there are grizzly goings-on afoot but for once the Investigators let discretion be the better part of valour and leave.

As the journal begins the Investigators include:

Margo Spencer (Journalist): Works at the Arkham Advertister, and the author of this journal.
Prof. Morgan Deveraux (Professor):
Teaches a course in Occult Studies at the Miskatonic University.
Prof. Joshua Davis (Author): Teaches archaeology at the Miskatonic University and writes books on astronomy. There is evidence that his family is linked to the Crawford family of Innmouth..
Dr. Ewers (Doctor):
From Boston . Teaches medicine at the Miskatonic University and a practitioner on the new discipline of psychology.
P.I. Synder-Scott: DECEASED. Former New Orleans police officer who has recently moved to Arkham. He is killed by a Serpentman ‘Death Ray’ whilst in Cannich in March 1924 (’The Coven’)

Antiquitarian  and Egyptologist Mr Brent appears in the first case but his player has moved out of the area so regrettably he is unlikely to appear in future cases.

Author Mr. Keeler, who features in the Case of the Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight, was the character of another player who has since moved on. Mr. Keeler was driven mad by his experiences and, in December 1923, has only just been released from Arkham Asylum. Mr Keeler dies from heart failure on Chrismas Day 1923 after introducing the rest of the investigators to the Dreamlands, where they find out about the threat of the Order of the Silver Twilight.

January 2017

A new group and a new campaign. The legendary Horror on the Orient Express (7th Edition). Our Keeper wants to add a dash of two-fisted action to the mix so we are using the Pulp Cthulhu supplement.