Case of John Whitelock

15th October 1923

I’ve dug out my box of notes and looked again at the pictures of the creature from New Orleans. It and The Stalker of the Void are clearly two of a kind. The black book was destroyed in the fire (perhaps for the best) but Prof. Devero has found mention of The Stalker in […]

1st October 1923

I thought that the previous night was horrifying but it pails in comparison to the terror and tragedy of last night.
It all started while Mr. Brent and I were on watch. I had elected to stay on guard in my room, since it was closer to Adam’s room, while Mr. Brent was downstairs.
I became aware […]

30th September 1923

What a night of horror. At times I was not sure if I, or any of us, will live to see the dawn.
It all started just before we were going to leave on our nocturnal visit to the Bensten Manor. The six of us plus Mr. Whitelock were in the living room when we heard […]

29th September 1923

A pleasant night for the most part. At some point in the early hours I was awoken by what sounded like tapping on one of the bedroom windows. I couldn’t resist having a look but it turned out to be a tree branch being blown against the window frame. Honestly, how silly. Next thing I […]

28th September 1923

I kept my appointment with Prof. Devero and I was not alone. The professor had called in everyone; Mr. Brent, Detective Bethal. Dr. Davies and Dr. Ewers were all present.
My hopes that the professor had a new lead on the conspiracy were quickly de-railed however. Yesterday he had received a letter from an old friend, […]

27th September 1923

Have just received a note from Prof. Devero asking me to pay him a visit in his office tomorrow morning at 9.
Perhaps he has made a breakthrough regarding the (at the risk of sounding melodramatic) occult conspiracy we have collectively stumbled upon.