Case of the Prince of Babylon

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The End…?

Margo Spencer’s Journal ends with her entry dated 30th April 1924.
What we now know is that Jack Stewart was the only survivor of the ill-fated expedition to Devil’s Canyon.  Jack was discovered delirious and half-mad on the 12th May by local farmers, 10 miles from the canyon.  He had dragged with him books and journals, […]

30April 1924 (noon)

I am taking a few moments, as I eat a cold lunch, to up-date my journal on today’s discoveries so far.
AS we dismantled our make-ship barricade Jack awoke. Incredibly he had slept through the whole nocturnal episode! As we prepared breakfast both Dr. Ewers and Prof. Deveraux seemed to notice something of the window. As […]

30th April 1924 (early hours)

At last the sun seems to be rising. It has been a long night and I do not think that I have slept a wink. I was having a hard time sleeping due the constant howling of the wind about the canyon. It drones on and on without reprieve. I’m not sure when I noticed […]

29th April 1924 (evening)

I am writing this from inside one of the barracks abandoned by the film crew in Devil’s Canyon. The only two noises I can hear are the subdued talking of my colleges elsewhere in the building and the constant, endless howling of the wind. The latter has been a constant, unwelcome companion since we arrived […]

29th April 1924 (morning)

Today we leave for Devil’s Canyon. While I am certain we have exhausted all our lines of enquiry in LA I cannot say that I am looking forward to visiting the valley. Everything we have learnt about Devil’s Canyon paints it as a place of terrible danger. We are forewarned, which is more then the […]

28th April 1924

In the morning the two professors took themselves off the university once again. Dr. Ewers, Jack and myself went to back to Glendale Photographic systems. Our order should be ready tomorrow. Listening to the manager describing all the chemical we would need it became clear that we would need a pick-up truck to transport it […]

27th April 1924

Today, like yesterday, again we split our forces again. Eager to learn more about the Hotekh and their spiritual practices the two professors departed for the local university in the hope of speaking to their anthropology faculty.The rest of us headed to the public library to see what we could learn about several topics; we […]

26th April 1924

Today was, in some ways, far less productive then I had hoped however it did throw up an unexpected potential ally.It was decided that we needed to try again to talk to Mr. Raven, perhaps discover some more about these “friends” he mentioned. Prof. Deveraux excused himself from the group saying that he would go […]

25th April 1924

It was decided that Dr. Ewers and Prof Davis would return to Atlas Studios in an attempt to speak to James Raven. Prof. Deveraux, Jack and myself would go to visit first Mr. Pierre Baptiste and ask some questions at Glendale Photographic Systems.
The area of Los Angeles where Mr. Baptiste lived reminded me a little […]

24th April 1924 (continued)

The Atlas Studio complex was certainly impressive. A large number of huge, white buildings surrounded by a high wall. Pretty much a self-contained town with hundreds of people filling it’s streets all of which bustled about with energy and purpose. It was all a world away from the faded glories of the New York film […]

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