Friday 19th January 1923 (pre-dawn)

Dearest Diary, it is about 7 o’clock in the morning and I have just snatched a couple of hours of sleep. The Orient Express should be arriving in Lausanne in a few minutes where we will try to find the mysteries Mr Wellington and see what he knows about our prize. It looks very cold […]

Night of Thursday 18th January in to Early hours of Friday 19th January 1923

The Orient Express pulled out of the station at exactly midnight. This is the first time that we have officially been on the OA. The carriages are being pulled by a magnificent blue and gold engine. There was a huge crowd there to see us off as there is a bit of a celebrity on […]

Thursday 18th January 1923 (morning)

All seems back to normal in Poissy. In fact all three of the Lorien family are reporting that the various ailments of their left arms are feeling better. It can be no coincidence, however, that Detective M is reporting that he is suffering from a mild stiffness of his left arm. Darling Antonio is suggesting […]

Wednesday 17th January 1923

We have decided to stay in Poissy for a couple of days to make sure that there are no explorations under Dr Lorien’s house or in case Comte Fenalik tries to attack Quintterie again.

Tuesday 16th January 1923

Today we have made a major breakthrough in our quest to recover the Sedefkar Simulacrum but I will admit that it was touch and go for a few moments whether we would escape with our lives.
As the sun rose Dr. Lorien left to check on the welfare of his family, leaving us with his blessing […]

Monday 15th January 1923.

Dear Diary, I am writing this while sitting in the house of Doctor Christian Lorien in the town of Poissy. With me are my four fellow members of the VC and Dr.Lorien himself while his wife and daughter are using our rooms at the White Rose hotel following an attack by Comte Fenalik himself!
Let me […]

Sunday 14th January 1923

We have spent most of the day at the Charenton Asylum looking in to the fate of Comte Fenalik.  What we have discovered is both baffling and worrying in its suggestiveness.
The asylum itself is a sprawling brick building with an impressive Greek-style façade. Inside the walls were made of a rather disconcerting black and grey […]

Saturday 13th January 1923

We have defiantly made some headway today. Most of us have spent the day in two libraries; The Biblotheque Nationale and The Bibliotheque de L’Arsenel.
The one exception to this was Detective M and I shall tell you what he got up to first. Still intrigued by his macabre encounter in the catacombs yesterday Detective M […]

Friday 12th January 1923

Ah Paris. I fall in love with the city every time I visit. After London it is without doubt the most vibrant, cosmopolitan city in the world. It has been a cold day, cold enough for the odd snow fall, but the air has been so much clearer and fresher than Foggy Old London.
After breakfast […]

Thursday 11th January 1923

Dear Diary,
 I am writing this in my bedroom t The Balmoral Hotel in Paris. I wanted to stay at The Majestic but the others thought it was an unnecessary expense. Honestly who put men in charge of the world; they are such frightful oafs!
We left from Liverpool Street Station early this morning. Father O still […]