Horror on the Orient Express

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Saturday 27th January 1923

Dearest Diary you will not believe the tale that Detective M had to tell over breakfast this morning. It seems that he was awoken by a tap, tap, tapping on his bedroom window; a window that was three floors up with nothing but a drop down to the canal below. Cautiously the detective got out […]

Friday 26th January 1923

Dearest Diary, what a day. It started with a murder, continued with a funeral and ended with an attempt on my life!
Venice was a gloomy place as we sat down for breakfast. Albert pointed out an article in the morning paper that there had been another, vicious murder overnight. A gondolier called Paulo was found […]

Thursday 25th January 1923 (Evening)

Dearest Diary, a very successful day all around.
Dreamy Georgio turned up just after breakfast with his disappointing friend Cristiano. The pair accompanied Darling Antonio, Albert and myself to the Bibliotheca Marcianna where we followed up on the lead about the “plague of lameness”. It took most of the day but we found some reports […]

Thursday 25th January 1923 (Morning)

Dearest Diary, there was a bit of excitement during the night. Darling Antonio and I were roused from our sleep by shouts of “Morte! Morte!” from the canal path outside the hotel; a woman’s voice by the sound of it.
Hastily throwing on clothes we headed down to reception to find our friends, and a […]

Wednesday 24th January 1923

 A cold and foggy day in Venice today. Over breakfast Albert pointed out a follow-up article in the paper about the murder of Arturo Faccia. It appears that his mutilated body was found hanging from the roof of the cathedral. The injuries were so extensive that eye witnesses to the discovery claimed that it could […]

Tuesday 23rd January 1923

Dearest Diary,
Any debate as to our next cause of action has been decided by Albert showing us the headlines of today’s newspaper. Amazingly the near riot at the opening night of Aida was not the headline news. Rather it was the murder of Arturo Faccia whose mutilated body was found overnight.
With no reason to […]

Monday 22nd January 1923

Today, Dearest Diary, has been a nightmare pretty much from beginning to end. On some level we were triumphant but as I write this I feel far from victorious.
In the morning my companions and I met up for breakfast. Albert had obtained the morning newspaper and read us out the article about the ghostly singing […]

Sunday 21st January 1923

Dearest Diary, I am quickly writing down the events of the day before I finally go to sleep. The day has been full of incident and some have them have been so strange, so uncanny, that I am tempted to believe that I never returned from that dream world at all. Or that, perhaps, some […]

Saturday 20th January 1923

Dearest Diary, as I write this it is sometime between 7 and 8 o’clock in the morning and I am very, very tired. I want to set the events of the last in writing before I get some sleep in case I forget them. Of all the bizarre things I have experienced in the last […]

Friday 19th January 1923 (later)

Well today has not gone anything like I thought it would. When we is embarked from the OE in the city of Lausanne it was cold, frosty and misty. There was pretty much no one about but we were able to borrow a luggage cart (on to which the boys loaded the coffin sized, lead-lined […]

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